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5 Phrases To Take Out Of Your LinkedIn Headline NOW

You may have heard that LinkedIn is a job seekers dream tool. It is true; plenty of people get recruited directly from the site based on their career expertise. However, you may wonder why your profile does not attract employers in the same manner. You haveve added your work history and skills, and yet, your efforts seem to fall flat.

What could be happening? You may have committed one of the major mistakes on LinkedIn: failing to adjust your headline for optimum keyword and personal brand messaging.

In fact, so many people struggle in writing an effective LinkedIn headline that there is a common set of over-used, meaningless words you’ll see on too many profiles.

For many job hunters, uncertainty translates into copying others’ efforts, and LinkedIn is no exception, which is why you will see the same ineffective headline content over and over. My blog post on the most worthless phrases in a LinkedIn Headline covers this subject in detail.

More important than any other part of LinkedIn, your headline must use specific keywords and search phrases to educate employers on what you offer.

Doing so will make it much easier for the right recruiter to find you and project a professional, competent image – changes that will get the results you want in your job search!

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