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Business Accounts and Tools introduced by Pinterest

Pinterest paved the way for greater business participation by the launch of a new set of resources designed just for them.

Companies will now be able to create business accounts, which allows them to enter just a business name rather than a first and last and verify their websites using a hidden line of

code. Once the code has been recognized, businesses will receive a verification badge on their Pinterest profile pages. It is not quite as good as Twitter’s profile verification — it would still be easy for someone to impersonate a company on Pinterest by verifying a URL that was similar but not owned by the brand.

Companies that already have a personal account on Pinterest will be able to convert it to a business account.

During the sign-up process, companies will also be encouraged to add Pin It and Follow buttons to their sites, and embed widgets showcasing their pins. Widgets is an entirely new feature, and will be available both to individuals and to companies.

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