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Google planning to operate wireless networks in African, Asian markets using balloons

Google is believed to be deeply involved in a series of projects to build a wireless networks in “emerging markets” like Africa and Asia isn’t nearly as interesting as how the company might ultimately end up deploying Wi-Fi to these areas – not via conventional cable-stringing but, rather, by balloons.

While Google appears to be planning to create an ecosystem using new microprocessors and low cost smartphones powered by its Android mobile operating system. The system could also use balloons or blimps, known as high-altitude platforms, to transmit signals for the networks.

Among these methods includes satellite Internet and the aforementioned “balloons” plan, which would use “high-altitude platforms” to blast a wireless signal across an area spanning hundreds of square miles.

Google plans to team up with local companies in some of the countries to develop the networks, and formulate business models to support them and also plans to provide its own recently developed wireless technologies to help such networks.

Google has launched an ultrafast fibre network in the Kansas City area and is working in other areas of the United States on creating powerful Wi-Fi networks.



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