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How to Qualify Your Site in Terms of SEO Canons?

Nowadays regardless of the size and type of business, everyone has a website. So, it is obvious that merely by having a website for your business is not going to help you. Your website must be functional, attractive and above all it should qualify in terms of SEO criteria. Being visible has great relevance if you really want to do some serious business

online. There are a lot of things to be considered to get favours from the search engines. Let us have a glance on the most inevitable ones without which your efforts for being visible may go in vain.

Optimal use of adequate keywords

The target audience and objective of every business is unique. So, the design of website must be done accordingly. Keyword research and its incorporation in your website matters a lot. There are numerous genuine tools via which you can find the keywords suitable for your business. Your task is not over by just finding the keyword. You should also determine the keyword density and use them optimally without hindering the flow of content.

Focus on the Navigation System

The navigation system of your website must be easily understandable by the search engines. Internal linking structure is one of the main factors influencing SEO. In that scenario, navigation system has apex relevance. For greater accessibility, it would be better to have text-based links and buttons. As of now, the major search engines are not capable to read the text on images. Using jQuery or CSS methods instead of flash will never harm you when your website moves on the mobile platforms. With smart-phones getting popular these days, compatibility of your website to mobiles must be seriously considered.

Minimize the website loading time

Always remember that there are several thousands of options in the online world for a customer. So, testing his patience by making him wait for your website to load will surely be unwise. Assure that you make your website load faster as much as possible. Remove unused or unwanted CSS files and don’t use too much of JavaScript in the code. Avoid line breaks in the codes and remove unnecessary white spaces. Images used must not be of huge size as it can also contribute to the lowering of website loading speed. Also name the image in a manner which is beneficial from the SEO point of view.

Sensibly use the social media

Even though the search engines keep on changing their strategies, SEO can really be influenced by the Social Media sites. The features for different networking sites are different and you must exploit this uniqueness. Social Media is the most feasible and comfortable platform to interact with your customer base. Use this scope to the maximum and make your website lovable by the search engine spiders.

Redesigning your site again and again will never be a good practice to entertain. Search Engines crawl once in a while and so proper planning must be done even before designing your site.

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