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Microsoft to Kill the Messenger, Replace it with Skype

Microsoft will phase out Windows Live Messenger, its consumer instant messaging platform, over the next several months as its users are moved to Skype.

Microsoft hopes to smooth the transition to Skype for Live Messenger users by allowing them to log in to Skype with their Microsoft ID so that contacts in one program will automatically transfer to the other.

The move to Skype will be beneficial to Live Messenger users. Bringing together Messenger and Skype contacts within Skype provides a richer and easier way for users to communicate and collaborate with those they care about the most.

By moving to Skype, Live Messenger users will be able to avail themselves of a new set of robust features, such as the following:

  • support for more devices;
  • consolidation of functions — video, landline and mobile calling — into a single application;
  • sharing of screens;
  • video calling from mobile devices and through Facebook; and
  • group video calling.
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