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Mobilegeddon: Google Confirms Its Mobile Friendly Update


Google’s John Mueller confirmed the mobile friendly algorithm is rolling out and is actually completely live at some data centers.

On Tuesday, April 21st, Google announced they began rolling out the much anticipated Mobile Friendly Update.

Google mobilegeddon

As time goes on, webmasters started to notice the rollout in mobile search results. As expected, more and more webmasters and searchers are claiming they are seeing the impact of the mobile friendly algorithm in the mobile search results.

Google’s John Mueller confirmed in a live hangout on Google+ that the roll out has 100% begun and is actually completely live in some of the many Google data centers.

Some searchers may be seeing the mobile friendly search result on their mobile searches, while some may not. John Mueller explained that the full roll out can take a week or more. So if you see a different mobile search result experience, which is probably because you are seeing the roll out on your device.

Here is what John Mueller said:

It’s definitely rolling out. I know in some of the data centers its already rolled out completely. So that is something where I think you will probably see that change over the course of a week, maybe a week and a half – something like that.

From the first day to the next day, I don’t think you’ll see a big change. But if you compare last week to next week, then you should see a big change.

And I’ve seen some blog posts out there have noticed it’s different, and tried to document the difference between the desktop results and new mobile results. So there are definitely people noticing it.


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