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The importance of Google+ in social media promotion

If your business have a web presence, it is quite obvious that you know how relevant the role of social media for your success is. Which all are the networking sites you rely on?

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn may be surely ranking top in the list, but what about Google plus? If you are still in a dilemma whether to focus on it or not, it is high time to respond. With the latest Google Penguin 2.0 update, Google plus has become inevitable for your social media campaigns. As we know, Google + is created by Google itself, it makes sense to guess that there will surely be a hidden agenda to benefit those who start adopting this sleeping giant.

How is Google + different?

Google plus which already have some great features for businesses avails more provisions with its enterprise version. This is not just one of the many social media hubs but a much more. The potential, Google plus offers for business growth is undeniable. By integrating various products of Google like Gmail, Sites, Apps, Checkout etc., you will be getting a seamless social and business experience.

Targeting audience becomes easier with Google plus

Considering the currently available features of Google plus, you can gauge what extra features the business version is likely to offer.  In fact you can expect something great.

Circles are one of among the most powerful features which Google + offers.  With this tool, you can organize and assemble your contact groups. You can determine the content that can be seen by each group. The content can be targeted to specific groups and this offers you the comfort of desirable privacy.

Huddle and Hangouts are the platforms that allow group interactions including both text and video features. This would be ideal for carrying out meetings with any of your circles. And this may be integrated with the Goggle docs as well for real-time teamwork on the document drafts.

Another important feature of Google plus is the Sparks search engine. You can find content in 40 different languages and share the needed ones within the circle of your customers, clients or friends.

Mobility is another plus of Google plus

With the increase in mobile users every day, Google + has also focused to implement some great mobile features via Android. This may include Maps, Google places etc. By this your customer may find your business on Google plus and simply walk to your store.

In fact what we can expect after all?

As a matter of fact, no one can exactly predict the entire features of the enterprise version which is to be launched. But all we can expect is that this new network will be encouraging quality content which is targeted to a particular audience. It may be helping the businesses to provide their customers with a shopping experience integrated with social media.

The essence is that Google+ really needs apex consideration with the business version launching shortly. So to move that extra mile, you don’t have an alternative for Google plus.

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