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Trendy-Tweets now appear in Google’s Results!


For iOS and Android users in the US Googling and Tweeting will now be simply a trendy-topic away!

The fact that Google’s search results will have more tweets included is quite the #deal among the giants – Google and Twitter Inc. Tweets with images will be displayed in a carousel format, on mobile devices, the desktop version’s promised soon. Users clicking on tweet updates will have Twitter launched on their browser, with numerous other popular listings also urging the user to download the app or the already installed Twitter application shall spring open. Google has always been ‘crawling’ onto popular Twitter postings, now it is official and more tweets will show up. The deal will mean more web traffic for Twitter since no monetization is involved yet. Google aims to bring in as much information as possible to a seeker, and Twitter sure promises information given the 271 million monthly active users (MAUs). A win-win for all!


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