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Mobile Apps for Professionals

Mobile Apps For Business
After the Internet, clients have resorted to mobile for shopping and other activities. Their smart phones help them act smartly and work from wherever they are and also open up horizon for business to capitalize the opportunities. Mobile apps have become an easy means to keep in touch with clients 24*7 X 365 days. Hence You need to be in the spotlight for your customers and be where they are searching. Custom mobile apps we create for you help you accelerate your business to the next level.

By charging a modest fee for your custom mobile app we provide outstanding features that provide an edge over using ordinary mobile sites and set you apart from your competitors’ We also include a free HTML5 mobile site, so that your company will be found on the largest search engines of Google network, as well as Google Play (Android store) and iTunes (Apple store) in order to provide a complete mobile solution to grow your business to new heights.

Features of a Custom Mobile App:

For the small business app, there are a variety of outstanding features to accommodate your clients, customers and patients:

  • Consultation Forms for Professionals. This helps you answer queries from your clients or allow prospective clients complete a built in questionnaire to help them determine suitability for your consultation services
  • Mobile Apps improves connectivity. Our one touch mobile icon serves as a constant reminder on your customer’s phone and as an instant helpline for all their requirements.
  • The instant customer aid service help you nurture client relations, increase customer loyalty, and provide for direct communication with your customer base as frequently as you would like. When you send a “push notification” to your clients through your small business app, 96% of them are opened in the first 2-4 minutes
  • Enables Push Notifications. These “notifications” are text messages that are sent to everyone who downloads your app. Promotional notifications may include launch of new products, attractive discount offers You may opt to send a message advising of special offers on a weekly basis or frequent intervals motivating your clients to try your new products
  • Helps Scheduling Appointments. Allows for the user to book appointments for any service or business. These appointments can be managed by the owner within our user friendly CMS (content management system).
  • Testimonials & Review uploads. A testimonial page with client reviews about their experiences provides a sense of security to new clients and is a must for every mobile app. Options for reading and posting new reviews can be provided through a direct link on your mobile app.

  • Eliminates geographical boundaries and increases customer outreach by providing step by step directions to your door. You can integrate all the pages on your mobile site with Google Maps support which provides mobile visitors lots of useful information on the move.
  • Instant Ordering for Pick-Up or Delivery. Now, you can offer your entire menu inside your app with ordering options – and instantly receive orders which have already been paid for to be picked up for delivery. A delivery radius can be implemented along with a delivery fee.
  • Receipt Printer. Once an order is placed within the app, it prints out orders through a cloud printer automatically, to alert you to the order right away
  • Current Events. This feature enables you to send updates on new or recurring events or announcements to your clients and acts as a reminder to what they can look forward to
  • Face book Fan Wall/Twitter/You tube. Customer interaction can be increased by creating a fan page of your business in facebook which is the most popular social networking site. Clients can post comments and receive notifications and set up a chat session to gain their experience and requirements from our mobile apps.

  • Mobile apps provide live feeds from social media, including Face book, Twitter, and Youtube. You can choose whether the app connects to a certain Face book, Twitter or YouTube account,, or have the app incorporate live feed on a certain key term or topic..
  • QR Code Coupons. You can offer QR code coupons directly within your app, and advertise them to market any type of business be it a professional corporation, hair salon or a restaurant. Attractive discount offers through this code coupons on your mobile app is an ideal way to attract customers
  • Loyalty Programs. From professional services, to restaurants, to massage therapists, you can reward your clients, patients and customers with customized loyalty programs to keep bringing them back for more. Loyalty programs can be developed like restaurants can offer promotional buffets and discounts and professional services free appointments helping retaining customer loyalty
  • Live / Local News and Events. You can have your app streamline live or local news as it relates to your topic. Alternatively, you can have your mobile app provide live events or local events, depending on your purpose.
  • Email Photos / Comments. Promotes sharing of experiences, users can take photos and share on your app or send to their friends on facebook, and other social networks.
  • Contact / Feedback Form. Customer feedback is essential for every business and our mobile app captures customer feedbacks. No longer will they have to postpone contacting your office with an important message while searching for your email address or the time to call. All they need to do is click on the application and send their message with ease.
  • Increased Visibility. Mobile apps are found within Google Play search as well as iTunes search for Apple products – just as regular web sites are displayed when searched on Google. Since less than 1% of small businesses actually have a mobile app (and less than 10% of small businesses have a mobile web site), your business will stand out from the rest of your competition. Whatever your specialty, product or service, you will be displayed in front of any of your competitors by having your own mobile app developed. The more people that download your app, from your clients to your prospects, the more you can keep in touch, build rapport, and lengthen your overall relationship for years to come.
  • No Internet is required. Unlike mobile web sites, mobile applications do not rely on an Internet connection. With all of the mobile devices worldwide, a large percentage of these mobile devices do not have the ability to connect to the Internet. Mobile apps can be downloaded by all of the various mobile devices and user interaction within the app itself does not require internet connectivity.
  • Easier / Simpler to Use. The mobile app is simplified easy to use and used to deliver updated news, feeds and other data instantaneously.