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A mobile friendly website design means your website is easily and readily accessible across all different platforms and, most particularly, on the much smaller screen of smartphones and tablets. All websites that we design and develop in the USA are mobile friendly or simply “responsive”. The website would adapt itself to the size and shape of the screen that it is viewed in. You simply wouldn’t find a horizontal scroll bar on a responsive screen. Moreover, being mobile friendly is a key factor for SEO. Google would display non responsive websites only after displaying all responsive websites in it’s searches

In other words, mobile friendly web design means utilizing to the utmost all the incredible capabilities of mobile devices to deliver an effective, satisfying experience to users on the go When designing for the small screen, it’s important to recognize 3 elementary differences between the mobile experience and the desktop.

  • Space is at a minimum
  • Attention is scarce
  • Mobile users are very goal directed, wont wander about, just seek a key piece of information that will meet their need

Therefore the thumb rule for mobile design is “simplify and specialize.” Each site should be streamlined with limited information and fewer functions compared to the full-fledged websites and multi-feature programs on the PC. Buttons, links, texts and pictures need to be resized to be functional and legible. Navigation through multiple subpages, too, should be kept to a bare minimum in your mobile design.

And Google declares: the single “most easy, efficient and cost-effective solution to achieve mobile friendliness is responsive web design (RWD)

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Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Consulting

Codea with its specialists in Windows SharePoint can provide you with SharePoint consulting and design as well as full portal project support.

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