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Pay Per Click Marketing (Search Engine Marketing)

The entire search engine marketing is virtually tagged as Pay Per Click Marketing, or PPC. PPC is Google's paid search facility for online vendors, which ensures you higher online visibility. You need to pay for clicks you received on your advertisement. Such ads offer your business free online visibility and clicking on it takes users directly to your website. We set up effective paid campaigns for your service and place your ads on search networks of Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other major search engines, where every visitor can see them. Your ads and campaigns talk louder to your potential buyers and prospective clients.

pay per click When your product or service is on the surge, and your business sphere is pretty competitive, then maximum visibility of your ad is crucial. And major search engines will be customers first stopover in search of that service or product. This pegs your business a positive edge on the online and offline marketplace. When seeing your ad while browsing, customers click on it and enter your site. Thus your site ads can trigger quality traffic to your site, apart from them being converted as valuable customer.

Implementing a successful paid search campaign

Implementing a successful paid search campaign is the sum of weeks-long research, keyword analysis and search visibility in-depth studies. The whole process is becoming more and more complex as with search engines' constant refining and tweaks in algorithms to improve relevancy of ads. Relevancy coupled with quality scores for your advertisement and website.

We bid keywords to have your ads listed on display networks and Ads on search networks. Our PPC expert team helps you to decide on monthly budget and other related processes. We constantly monitor client's cost per click program to wall against from receiving wrong visits, false clicks etc.

Why Do you Hire a PPC Professional

A poorly planned campaign can cost you dearly and may often landsyour business in big peril. You may lose your valuable dimes and time. Also, it will result far fewer visitors to buyers than a campaign run by a PPC professional. Pay Per Click Marketing clubs with our strong commitment to strengthen your business with cutting edge technological advancements and web business strategies, unleash a profitable advertising campaign for your business.

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Agile Software Development Methods What All You Need To Know About Agile Software Development Methods

The software industry advocates that Agile software development speeds up the delivery of initial business value, and through a process of uninterrupted planning and feedback, and value is given utmost importance throughout the development process. By the deliverance of a quality tested, working and deployable software on an incremental basis, agile development carries increased value, visibility, and adaptability all through the life cycle, which in turn significantly reduces the risk of the project.

Agile can be defined as a group of software development methodologies or frameworks based on iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross functional teams. Agile methodologies give highlight on frequent delivery of working software and face-to-face communication over written documentation. It is adaptive or we can say agile is adaptive to changes whereas other models are predictive (entire project planned upfront). Two of the most used and popular agile frameworks are: Scrum, XP and Crystal.



When talking about SEO most people think it as simply a ranking phenomenon. You know that many internet marketing companies focus solely on rankings when it comes to SEO. But, rankings alone won't translate into traffic and leads for your business Website.

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