9 Important SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2019

9 Important SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2019

Search engine optimization trends keep changing with the year-round changes in Google. webmasters need to be up to date so that they can beat their competitors in terms of ranking and traffic generation. So let us look into some of the latest SEO trends in 2019.

1.Voice search domination

Now users are no more restricted to type in their queries on the search bar. Voice queries are slowly taking over the orthodox typing. Mobile technology incorporated with the internet has changed the overall scenario of google search queries. Teaching electronic devices to understand human speech in the future is paved by the voice search SEO. It is estimated that half of the online traffic would be coming from voice queries.

2.Video optimization

Voice is not the only SEO trend taking over the internet, video SEO trends are also becoming popular. Youtube videos of high-quality content are being ranked by google pulling in large traffic. If optimized with carefully picked keywords, video SEO is expected to bring in 75% of online traffic by 2020.

3.Mobile-first indexing

Since 2018, Google has made mobile indexing the priority. The websites are ranked based on the best UX they offer on mobile devices. If a website has mobile and desktop versions, the mobile version is indexed first. Simply put you need to have a mobile-friendly website and incorporate mobile SEO trends if you don’t want to lose out on a high amount of mobile traffic.

4.Quality content development

Content is, was, and will be the king that opens your path for higher google ranking. The power of original content has no substitute. Developing and delivering content after understanding user search intent and need is the key to quality content. Your content needs to satisfy the customer intent 100 percent.

5.Protection of user data

A safe and secure online experience will take SEO to the next level. When you ask for private information from the users, ensure that you are capable of protecting their private data. With every good rises an evil. Many third party users misuse user data for their growth. So 2019 will be focusing more on securing user data on the internet world.

6.Seamless user experience

Seamless user experience is a deal maker. A website that offers silky smooth UX will ensure high profits. A website that has a user-friendly design, offers smooth navigation, low loading speed, and no technical issues are your sales point.

7.Blockchain for SEO

Blockchain technology has been trending on the internet to offer a secure online experience. The webmasters are incorporating the technology for validating the backlinks which are a major part of SEO trends. The fruits of incorporating the technology into SEO can be seen by the end of 2019

8.Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is all about an important and popular customer vouch for your business and products. It’s more like authentic customer feedback. The followers of the influencer will eventually use or buy your product as they believe in the feedback offered by the influencer. Social media influencers are the best trendsetters in this strategy.

9.Long and in-depth content

The longer the user spends on the website the better. Long content normally consumes a lot of time and is the ideal solution to hold the users onto your website. Now, when this seems like an ideal solution, remember sizer alone does not anchor them. Content needs to engage the users and should serve the purpose of satisfying them.

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