Modern Web Development Trends To Follow

Modern Web Development Trends To Follow

Six important web development trends to follow

The web development landscape is fast changing. Within the last decade, many new strategies and technologies have developed. Keeping up to date with each one of these technologies is daunting. Many technologies that capture the popular imagination turns out to be a fad that goes out of fashion within a year or less. Hence finding the right web development technology that will bring about revolutionary changes and adopting it in the initial stages is arduous.

Here are six web development practices you should keep an eye out for. These are some of the most promising, out of the hundreds of software coming up, that is most likely to influence the web development industry in the future.

1. Progressive Web Application

A significant emerging technology today is Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Announced by Google in 2015, it quickly captured the attention of web development agencies around the globe. PWA creates a new genre of web apps that load like regular web pages, meaning you do not have to download apps like before. Increased loading speed and better user experience come with the technology. With PWA in vogue, downloading and installing mobile applications will become a thing of the past.

2. Mobile-First Development

Mobile-first indexing is a strategy implemented by Google from July 1, 2019. Using this strategy, Google predominantly uses your website’s mobile version for indexing and ranking. Since its implementation, many websites which were not mobile-friendly lost their high search engine ranking. From May 2021, Google has announced that its Core Web Vitals will consider page experience for ranking a page. The best web development agencies in New York think this is the last chance to improve your web page; else you risk being sidelined.

3. AI-powered chatbots

Many experts believe that Artificial Intelligence and chatbots will replace support managers in the near future. Machine learning has enabled chatbots to learn new things quickly. This self-training ability will make them more human-like and resourceful. Web development services will have to focus more on this technology and empower their clients for the future.

4. Voice recognition

Voice recognition software has made a huge leap in the last couple of years. Smart home assistants like Siri and Alexa are slowly making their way into every home. So what does it have to do with web development services? The development of voice recognition technology makes voice searches more common. If a website is voice-search optimized, it is more likely to get an edge over its competitors. It surely is developing as a user experience indicator.

5. Cyber Security

With the spiraling number of data breaches and hacking during 2019 and 2020, cyber security is a major concern. The spike in the attacks on the banking sector and phishing of US healthcare data has put the cyber world on high alert. Web development practices are now evolving to make the website more resilient to malicious softwares. Moreover, Google is marking the website without HTTPS as unsafe. Hence obtaining SSL certificates is not optional but mandatory.

6. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a new trend in web development that aims to increase the speed of pages. They are designed such that they are mobile-friendly. To increase the speed, the pages are simplified and they load only the basic features. However, the simplified version does not affect the user experience.