Advantages & Disadvantages of Custom Web Design Services vs Templates

Advantages & Disadvantages of Custom Web Design Services vs Templates

Choosing custom web design services or templates depends on the requirement, budget, and time a client has. Both have pros and cons. So it is up to an expert to understand client requirements and suggest which one of the both is best suited for them.

Custom Websites

Custom web design websites are developed from scratch after thorough discussion and analysis of client requirements. Customer web design services have a lot of advantages.

Unique Design

Custom web design services allow you to bring the personality and culture of your company to the design. The design will be unique which can be rebuilt, customized, and perfected according to customer satisfaction. We can the custom web design as custom templates even because at the end of the day, it is a template built from scratch.

Scalability, Flexibility, Manageability

Custom websites are always expandable. You may approach a web developer with your ideas for the website and the developer can help to make your idea a reality. Any feature you require can be incorporated easily into the design. There is no restriction of limited features that may hinder your use and needs.

Up-to-Date Code and SEO

A developer is always updated with the latest improvements google brings to algorithms and SEO practices. The developer can easily build a website according to the latest norms and standards of Google guidelines and effortlessly make small changes as new updates are introduced. A well decided and up to date, the website has chances of higher rankings on the search engine ranking charts.

Support From Skilled Developers

The client will have the technical support of a skilled developer in the future to fix errors, bugs, and add new features. The developers will troubleshoot & fix the bugs easily and they are up to fix any challenges presented by the code.

With advantages, disadvantages also seen in. The custom website design has the following disadvantages.

More Expensive and Takes Longer to Develop

A developer builds a website according to client specifications and requirements. The development process takes some time and can become expensive also. Depending on your budget the features included may change. Higher the number of features you need to incorporate, the greater the consumption & the higher the cost. Normally a developer requires 4 weeks to finish a basic design and a maximum of 12 weeks depending on the client. The more time you spend developing your website, the less expensive it becomes to fix any future issues since the errors will below.

Websites can be made using pre-designed templates and making changes to them as per requirement. The templates are available free of cost as well as for money. The website templates also come with pros & cons.


The template designs are predeveloped and you only get the features available. The layout cannot be changed in most cases except for the color and fonts. If the client is satisfied with the design, then it is good. Always remember. The template is available for everyone to buy. So don’t be surprised if you come across a website with a similar design to yours.

Less Expensive & Shorter Development

Custom website designs are best suited for startups and DIYers. The main reason is that they have a very low budget and time. You may simply buy website templates and platforms like Wix,, etc which have built-in hosting services. You need not be tensed with the technical aspect of domain name and hosting. With less development involved, the budget will be low.

Limited Customization

Website templates are best suited for companies who need to only share information and also just post blogs. Such companies only require very little customization. The website template is not suitable for companies that need customization and unique features. A web template cannot be made mobile-friendly if it is not developed so.


A website template can be high on looks with great visuals and animation. The website takes more time to load. The templates are not optimized for SEO. Google doesn’t rank your website for the looks. You need to optimize your word content.

So, decide on which website designing process you want to choose. Build an amazing website with experts like custom web design services like Codea.