Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your SEO Strategy – Part 2

Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your SEO Strategy – Part 2

Social Media Optimization is a very important step that helps in increasing your search engine ranking. SEO is the most buzzed word in the digital marketing world. But, many do not understand the impact of bad SEO practices on your website.

SEO strategies ensure:

Increase Visibility & Ranking

SEO helps in increasing your website visibility among your target audience. This ensures you get more chances of increasing your search engine ranking.

Increase Web Traffic

SEO helps your website pop up in the top of ranking charts, So every time a user searches with keywords relevant for your business, your website pops up in the top of the search and many users visit your website, thus increasing web traffic.

Improve user experience

A website that applies on page SEO is able to increase the user experience. For example, if your website is optimized to be responsive in all platforms, the users feel comfortable in using your website on any device.

Now let's understand the common mistakes that ruin your SEO strategies.

Using One Keyword

Keywords are the heart of SEO strategies. So if you focus on only a single keyword throughout your article, the chances that your article pops up on search are minimal. Its believed that people always use more than four-word keywords while typing in their queries. So you need to be very creative & open-minded while raming keywords and use a mix of them on your article to increase visibility.

Low-Quality Content

Content is king in the world of SEO. Updating your website with low-quality content decreases your credibility, the users find your website less informative and engaging. So this results in large bounce rates and lower ranking. Google is very particular that it focuses on unique and high-quality information. If your website has plagiarized content, be sure that your website will get blocked and even penalized.

Outdated Content

Google loves fresh and quality content. It’s very important to update your content every 6 months, It's a bad practice to neglect your old articles. Every time you update your content you have more chances to get better indexing from google. Make sure to update your old content with new data and images with the help of the Best SEO company in  New York.

Poor Website Loading Speed

Who likes to wait around for a website to load?  It’s very important to ensure your website loads with 3 seconds. This ensures you have a very low bounce rate. So revise your website on a regular basis to avoid loading speed problems.

Optimize your images

It's a very effective way to include images that depict your content. But many forget to optimize the images which reduce the visibility of your content, So make sure to optimize the image,

Avoiding local SEO

Local Seo is a very important tool in the marketing field. If you are a small business, local Seo helps potential customers to easily spot you on local searches and visit your store. It’s always important to include a Google MY Business account with the proper address, name, and other details to promote your small business locally.

Forgetting to include Outbound links and inbound links

An article that has included outbound links for reference is considered very authentic. It’s very important to link your articles to the most popular and authentic articles. Noe internal links can be used to promote other posts.

Unresponsive website

Today every customer has a mobile through which they can access any information on the website. Many businesses forget to make their website responsive to all devices once losing out on customers. So make your website responsive for all devices.

A well-optimized website is heaven for attracting potential customer and growing your business to the next level. Recruiting professional SEO services in Nyc will help you, maintain a well-optimized website attracting more customers.