Difference between React JS and Angular JS

Difference between React JS and Angular JS

Many developers have foggy ideas about the difference between React and Angular JavaScript. There is always a question of which one is better than the other. You should first know the advantages and disadvantages of each before you can decide on the best one for your use.

This blog aims to educate you about the similarities and differences between React and Angular JS.


React JavaScript

React JS is a Javascript library developed by Facebook. It is very helpful while developing an interactive User Interface. The code is simple and easier to understand. It provides a  flexible solution by using server-side rendering. React JS is ideal if you need a personalized application with multiple events.

The Javascript library allows the usage of third party libraries. It helps faster development and provides users with a better experience with its fast performance. You may choose React JS if these are your preferences.

Angular JavaScript

Angular is a structural framework for developing dynamic web applications. Developers can use HTML as a template language in Angular JS. Applications components can be clearly expressed using the HTML syntax. Another Key feature of Angular JS is that it provides the user with large community support and regular updates which makes error handling much easier.

You can prefer Angular JS if you want to develop an App with low or medium complexity. High productivity is guaranteed by this JavaScript framework while also giving you ready to use solutions.

React JS Vs Angular JS

Parameters React Angular
Type Java script library. It is older than Angular Complete framework
Use of libraries Not a complete solution. Can be packaged with other programming libraries Complete solution. No need for other programming libraries
Learning Easier to learn Not easy for beginners
            Data binding Uses one-way data binding. Therefore, UI can’t be changed without updating the model. Uses a two-way data binding method. The model state automatically changes when changes are made in UI
Community Support Doesn’t offer much community support It has a good community support system that is dependable
Installation time Takes some time to install. But it delivers projects fast. Easy to setup. But requires increased coding time and hence slower project deliveries
Documentation Documentation is faster Documentation is slower due to the ongoing development process
Testing A different set of tools are required for different types of testing A single tool can perform testing and debugging
Application types It is best for web applications, Native applications, and hybrid applications It is best to develop a Single Page Application (SPA) and mobile apps
Model Based on Virtual DOM (VDOM) Based on Model View Controller
Updates As the scripts help in migration, updates are simple Updates are available every six months. It gives time to make changes
Uses Best for native rendered applications for iOS and Android. Also good for modern web development Used for developing large scale applications with lots of features
Script JavaScript Typescript
Use of Code Allows code management according to the desired format Comes with some ready to use elements from a specific provider. So priority collisions can occur