SEO Tips for Better Ranking in 2019 – Part 1

SEO Tips for Better Ranking in 2019 – Part 1

Website optimization in recent years has totally shifted towards a great user experience and page speed. It is not a mystic anymore, Google has candidly told this several times that you should target on optimizing your website for a better user experience.  Definitely, it will pay off in a better search ranking in general.

SEO is a practice of optimizing websites for exceptional user experience, artistic taste, content, and bettering the page speed. Most of the SEO companies in New York like us provides a wide range of SEO services like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, SEO for mobile apps, play store optimization, and even SEO for android apps.

Now that 2018 is well in progress, it's time to audit your SEO strategy and take a look at what it does, and what doesn't. Here given are some crucial SEO tricks and tips for 2018!

  • Make unique and precise page titles- Provide fruitful information in the page title and add a hysterical value to allure a user to click on your search snippet.
  • Make use of the "description" meta tag'-The description Meta tag should describe more details about the page.
  • Make Your Site Navigation Easier- Add site navigation menu accessible through your homepage. List all the important pages of your website in the navigation menu.
  • Improve the Structure of Your URLs-You should be using memorable words in the URLs of the website. Also, when you are using numerous categories, custom taxonomies, and tags, always use the appropriate URL structure to figure out each category and tag.
  • Content Optimization- Create useful content for your customers so they can find the required information easier. Use proper keywords at the top of your page/post. Write easier to read content and use shorter sentences.
  • Optimize your website for Mobile Phones- Mobile searches are increasing rapidly. If your website is not optimized to be watched by mobile phone users, it would lose a giant chunk of traffic. So, make your website mobile-friendly.
  • Use Google Search Console & Google Analytics-If you want to track users of your website, where are they coming from, what are they searching, what are your most popular pages, etc… you can use Google Search Console and Google Analytics to know your website audience more.