Tools That Fuel E Commerce Growth

Tools That Fuel E Commerce Growth

E-Commerce stores need to stay ahead of their competitors if they want to be the first choice of the customers keeping in mind that relevance & convenience remains king.

Companies have to implement the latest technologies to assure quality service & products for the customers in the competitive field. These include:

  • AI-driven personalized experiences
  • Augmented reality try-it-out tools

Let us understand how these technologies help in the development of e-commerce stores.

AI-Driven Personalized Shopping

Online shoppers’ data helps you create customer personas. Customer personas help e-commerce companies to have a clear insight into customer preferences, trends, and affinities. This helps the companies to set successful marketing campaigns.

Artificial intelligence can be used to study customer behavior during their shopping and create powerful marketing strategies for the specific customer base.

AI automatically analyses the customer persona and presents the products and services of customer interest while they are on your site. AI activated chatbots help answer customer queries effectively and ensure easy navigation of customers on your website to find the product or services they are in search of.

AI-based technologies help in strengthening the e-commerce website at every stage.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

E-commerce websites suffer heavy losses with the gargantuan cost of returns. Virtual and Augmented reality can be used to decrease these return rates for e-commerce websites. Though the concept of aiding customers to have a virtual feel of the products they are about to buy is not widespread, the idea is trending. Google added 3D augmented reality models to its search results recently which enables you to check out the item in the real-world before you buy it.

E-commerce brands have included virtual mirrors on the website which enables the customers to try on the dress or products they choose virtually and buy them. This reduces the chances of returning the products.

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