What does WTM mean on social media?

What does WTM mean on social media?

Before we dive into the real meaning of “WTM”, let us look into what is Internet Slang.

Internet Slang refers to a different kind of slang used on the internet by users to communicate effortlessly to save time. Internet slang use abbreviations in texting, social media networks, instant messaging, and even face-to-face communication. Leet, acronyms, ingroup memes, abbreviations, and keyboard symbols are some of the internet slang prevalent.

Now to our abbreviation – “WTM.”

WTM stands for “What’s The Matter?” The abbreviation is used to ask people what is their state of mind if they are acting strange or quieter than usual. Some even use it to indicate that they are sad or annoyed. has the same meaning all social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Adults and teenagers mainly use WTM.

Some other abbreviations that can substitute ‘WTM?’ are:

  • UK expands as “You Okay?”
  • ITE expands as “You Alright?”
  • WIWWY expands as “What Is Wrong with you?”
  • SUP expands as “What’s Up?”
  • RUOK expands as “Are You Okay?”

Fun fact

WTM can also have other meanings too.

  • WTM-What’s the Move.
  • WTM-What the Mess.
  • WTM-Whatever That Means.
  • WTM-What’s the Matter?
  • WSTM-We Should Talk More

As long as the internet exists now and then a new internet slang will emerge. So it is essential to keep yourself updated with the latest addition to the slang to keep up in the virtual communications you have over the internet.