What factors do you need to consider before hiring an SEO Agency?

What factors do you need to consider before hiring an SEO Agency?

Are you planning to hire an SEO Agency to bring your website to the first page of google search? Before you hire an SEO Agency to do a detailed background check on the Agency to decide if they are the right choice for the crowd. Let’s look into the factors that you need to consider before you hire an agency.

Do a detailed case study

The first step is to research why your website is having low ranks on search results. Ask the agency to perform a full SEO audit of your website and find the reason that is not allowing your website to top the ranking charts. This gives a clear understanding of your website ranking and tracks your progress.

Ask For A Work Plan

Once the company gives you a detailed case study, ask them to come up with a work plan that includes a suitable strategy and briefs you on every step needed to be taken. The work plan will help you access their caliber to bring your website up to the ranking page. They will be transparent throughout the steps they take to boost your website ranking. Make sure the company is clear with the transparency policy, because if they have taken steps hidden from you, it may affect your website.

Are They Following Search Engine Guidelines?

There are some SEO services which crater sloppy works. But Search Engine keeps on evolving and has learned to block sloppy SEO websites. So it is mandatory to follow the latest search engine guidelines for webmasters to keep your website blocked due to spamming and you end up paying a penalty to the search engine which is a major loss for you.

Website changes

For an SEO strategy to work properly, the website needs to undergo a lot of changes in its design, content, navigation, etc. Before you hand over your website to an SEO company make sure that they have the experts who can make the correct changes. Else it would be the biggest blunder you and suffer huge losses.

Are they capable to make on-page changes?

The most important factor in SEO strategy is content. Consult with the SEO about the content changes that need to be made. Ask them if they are going to use existing content or provide you with old content. If they are going to include new content, then make sure they have the resources to provide quality content.

Hire an agency with local SEO experience

Google always shows local stores and business when people search for a related keyword. So it’s important to hire an SEO agency that is well experienced with local SEO services to ensure that your website shows up in local searches when potential audiences search for products and services related to your website. Building organic traffic for a website is time consuming and uncertain process. So it’s important to hire a well-experienced SEO agency like Codea to do the work for you.

What is the success parameter?

Though your website may have a good ranking, you don’t need to get high traffic. Using google analytics and Bing analytics helps you keep track of the traffic and ranking of your website for different search engines. so use the right parameter to get a good ranking along with good traffic for your website and also get potential customers.

Price is a very important factor. Always remember you would never want to spend more money on SEO than your earning. So always go for multiple quotes from different SEO agencies before you choose from one

Make sure you have the sole ownership of the contents and links generated for your website by the SEO agency. Make sure to draft a detailed agreement that lists out all the conditions of both parties to avoid future problems.

SEO is not magic that can simply boost your ranking and traffic just with wand work. Runaway from agencies that promise No 1 ranking within a short time. SEO is a long process and it’s time-consuming. So make sure to hire a realistic and best SEO company service in the USA like Codea.