Why you should use AngularJS for website development

Why you should use AngularJS for website development

AngularJS is the most popular framework for creating interactive components of a website. It was developed as a full-featured JavaScript framework to attain simplicity and efficiency. It's an open-source framework that allows users to create the hip and handy single page applications. After launching in 2009, Angular.js has rapidly gained popularity and is not going to drop its ground. The best thing regarding AngularJS is that it is developed by Google.

  • Big Community Support
    It has firm community support. A professional team is there that works in the core development consistently. This platform is quite popular among web developers as well as it offers several printed materials and online resources based on this framework for inspiring developers.
  • Declare With Code

    The platform supports the declarative paradigm for developing solid patterns. The codes developed on AngularJS are truly lightweight and pretty much simple to understand.

  • Google-Supported Solution

    Since the platform is fully backed by Google, the developers have the full energy to work with a solid code base and it also offers the entire support to the project.

  • MVC Pattern (Model-View-Controller)

    Angular incorporates a fully-fledged MVC architectural setup. Usually, the developers need to segregate an application into various MVC elements and then develop the basic code to blend them together. But with the Angular framework, developers just need to divide the app, and the rest of things will be finished dynamically.

  • Dependencies in Charge

    For developing an application, AngularJS commonly uses Dependency Injection. This dependency injection will save you priceless time and a lot of tedious work of server backend.

  • Edge with Modules

    AngularJS platform allows the choice of developing customized applications with the combined support of several modules. Either these modules are interconnected with one another or it will remain autonomous. The angular framework has the complete capacity to recognize a situation on its own and provide additional objects.

  • Powerful Data Binding

    Two-way data binding is an added advantage in AngualrJS. If you make any sort of changes in the existing interface, then it adverts the application components productively. When it comes to browser activities, module enhancements, and user controls on the page, it actively updates the requisite patterns also.