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In this rapidly growing world of technology, developing and marketing cross platform applications is quite common. The days where cross-platform application development considered as a plan B option for those who couldn’t afford native apps has gone. Cross-platform app development will helps you to develop mobile apps without losing its native look and feel, and will reduce expenses on both cost and time to market the product. We at Codeaweb, helps companies to achieve this strategy by providing you with the best cross-platform apps suited for your business needs incorporating technologies like React Native, PhoneGap, Ionic Framework and so on.

Cross Platform Apps

Today cross platform mobile app development for any number of systems is not at all treated as a tedious task. We at Codeaweb deliver custom developed cross platform apps which ensures native look and feel together with required platform specific functionality.

We use the newest approaches like hybrid mobile app development, rapid mobile app development, windows universal apps, progressive web apps etc. Hire us and get your mobile app done, ensuring required functionality, and achieve your business goal.

 Cross Platform Apps

Cross platform app development

At the time when we receive a project for developing a new cross platform mobile app, our team of developers start to build various wireframes needed for that app. Each and every proposal will be presented before our clients for their analysis.

We begin to develop the app, only after getting the concern from the client and after finalizing the prototype shortlisted by them.

Legacy Single Platform

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools

As mobile platforms increase, the costs of developing and maintaining unique, native solutions for each platform have increased rapidly.

React Native

React Native is a JavaScript framework used for building native mobile apps. React Native being maintained by developers at Facebook and Instagram, is the native version of JS library.

At Codea, we use React Native to build mobile apps that are indistinct from those apps developed using objective-C or java. It is also easy to debug and performs well on targeted platforms.



Flutter, one of the elite cross platform app development framework maintained by Google and they sell it with the tagline ‘Build beautiful native apps in record time’. We at Codea uses Flutter to build beautiful native apps on both Android and iOS from a single codebase.

We write Flutter apps in Dart, and is compiled using standard android and iOS tool chain for the specific platform.



Apps build on Xamarin contain native user interfaces and controls, which looks and behaves the way an end user expects to be. It is designed to target all platforms, i.e., code can be shared everywhere.

Our team of developers helps you to develop applications for Android, iOS and Windows using C# language and the .NET framework. Being an open source framework, it is available under the MIT license.



Appcelerator uses a single JavaScript codebase and it supports real time mobile analytics. The major focus while using Appcelerator is that, it will focus on speedy time to market for cross platform apps.

At Codea, we create native, hybrid or even mobile web apps from a single JavaScript codebase across all platforms. Looking for the best CP app developers in NYC, then hire us.



Initially built to work with iphone, PhoneGap is widely used to build cross platform mobile apps. Using PhoneGap, one can easily create apps which supports a wide range of mobile devices including Android, iOS, Blackberry, windows, Symbian etc.

The major advantage Adobe provides with PhoneGap is that it provides a GUI build system which abstracts the command line messiness of Apache Cordova.


Ionic Framework

Ionic framework is an open source framework used for developing cross platform mobile apps. Using ionic UI toolkit, we create high performance and high quality mobile and desktop apps with the aid of web technologies like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

We deliver you CP mobile apps with superior frontend user experience and UI interactions.

Ionic Framework

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